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About Kurt/Sam and Klaine

Part of the problem is that everyone who actually has legit reasons for shipping Kurt/Sam (no. I refuse to use that ridiculous ship name. I mean even Klaine is somewhat weird, but Kurt/Sam shippers win for the most awkward ship name (although Finn/Puck comes close)) usually stay quiet, while all the idiots go on jabbering away.

I can sympathize with the people who ship Sam/Kurt. I was one of them, in the early part of the season. I still wouldn’t be completely outraged if, saying that Klaine doesn’t work out, Sam and Kurt got together. I still think that Sam seems a little incredibly gay. But the majority of Sam/Kurt shippers I’ve seen (let me emphasize: NOT ALL. NOT ALL. NOT ALL.) always seem to dismiss Klaine or seem eager for them to break up so Sam can be Kurt’s boo instead. To be honest, that’s the part that annoys me the most.

For once, we’re seeing Kurt being legitimately happy with someone. You can argue all you want about Kurt and Blaine’s chemistry (which, if you ask me, you must be blind and deaf not to notice, because yes, it’s there, and it comes off the screen like whoa) but you can’t argue that Kurt is unhappy with Blaine in the romantic sense. Watch the kiss. Look at his adorable little face afterwards. That is the face of a person who’s just been kissed by someone he really likes and is ridiculously happy. That’s the face I want to see on Kurt for the rest of the season.

Does it truly matter to me if Blaine or Sam or Puck or whoever manages to do that for Kurt? Not really. I adore Blaine and I think that some of the Sam/Kurt fandom hates him just because he’s, y’know, not Sam, but if he stops making Kurt happy, then it doesn’t matter to me if they’re together anymore. If Sam starts making Kurt happy, I will root for them with all of my heart. Fuck, if Kurt decides Puck is his soulmate, they’ve got my whole-hearted support.

To be honest, I don’t think Sam could really make Kurt happy. I also think that Sam/Kurt shippers are using one episode and a few scenes from others to justify a relationship that will probably never happen. But I could be proven wrong. With Glee, nothing is set in stone.

At the end of the day though? I do ship Kurt/Happiness. And right now Blaine makes him happy. So please stop with the irritating ship wars, get a fucking grip and calm yo tits. Please.

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I don't understand people

I've heard so many complaints about how Glee did RHPS and now everyone is into it, or how Darren Criss is on Glee, so now everyone is going to be into Starkid. My only question: how is that a bad thing?

RHPS and Starkid are two really awesome things, so why should be begrudge people finding out about it just because their source was Glee? The same goes for the music: if kids start listening to actual, good music, then I don't care if they found out about it through Glee or not. All I care about is that they're listening to it. Saying, "well I was a fan of it before it got all popular," doesn't make your love of something more special than someone who found out about it after it got popular, okay? If they like it, then they like it.

I'm just...agh. I don't understand fans who go, "God, all of these people like this thing now, so I can't even like it anymore." If you don't like it because it's becoming more popular, then I don't think you were really that big of a fan of it after all. So shut up, quit your bitching, and be happy that your favorite things are getting more publicity, okay?
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Love this video!

Glee definitely needs to do some more Grease. This song is absolutely perfect for Kurt...his character and Rizzo's are definitely alike. They're both really vulnerable people that put up a front of attitude and sarcasm to keep people from hurting them. GLEE PRODUCERS, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU HAVE KURT DO THIS SONG.