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Actually Klaine was wonderful in Sexy too

I adore Klaine. I adore their relationship. I feel like Sexy highlighted a lot of the reasons for that.

Part of is that Blaine and Kurt so obviously care and respect each other quite a bit. Tonight we saw more of Blaine’s side of it. And what cinches up Blaine’s side is the way he went to Burt.

Look, if I had just found out a close friend knew nothing about sex, I wouldn’t go to their parents about it. It would be so awkward, especially since we don’t know how much Blaine and Burt have interacted, so this may have been only the second or third time they’ve had a conversation together.

But Blaine works past that awkwardness because he knows Kurt won’t listen to him about sex, but he will listen to Burt. He wants Burt to talk to Kurt not because he wants to make Kurt uncomfortable, but because he wants Kurt to be aware of what sex is and the consequences of it. That story about the drinks and the bar: Blaine has thought this through. He realizes that if Kurt doesn’t get wise about sex, he’s going to face trouble in the future. So he finds a way to fix it.

Blaine just cares about Kurt so much here. In a way, it’s very similiar to Kurt’s actions in SLS: he supports Kurt, in a subtle way, and helps him through his problems. He doesn’t want Kurt to be awkward or uncomfortable, he just wants to make Kurt understand.

I also loved Kurt in this episode. We all have known that Kurt would have to be a virgin, but he displayed it so achingly tonight. It was different from Emma’s naive innocence. Kurt’s an awkward, gay, teenage boy who doesn’t think he’s sexy. Probably this is from years of bullying. I’d say this could even possibly be from Blaine not being interested in him. I feel like Kurt would take that as a hint that Blaine doesn’t find him attractive and since Blaine is gay, he must find him unattractive for reasons other than lacking boobs.

I love Kurt’s awkwardness. I feel like that’s such a major part of his personality: he doesn’t fit in well. He makes crappy jokes and has a laugh he makes when he’s uncomfortable that just screams awkward, and he dances strangely sometimes and he hates being out of control because then it results in more awkwardness. But I especially love how they brought it to attention in relation to Kurt’s sexuality.
This is primetime television. So many people are watching this episode, so many more people will. And all of them will see that, in an episode about sexiness, it’s the gay and bisexual teens who like romance more than sex. They will see Kurt, who is awkward and uncomfortable about sex, instead of what they might have expected to see: gay orgies, a gay boy who has sex with anything with a dick because he’s such a slut. That’s the bias some people have against homosexuals and, I feel like guys in particular, especially effeminate guys like Kurt. They think they’re panting after some dick. What Brad and Glee has shown them is that gay teens can be just as awkward and uncomfortable about sex as straight teens can be. That the difference between kids learning about sex is really only the gender of who they’re learning with.

tl;dr: Kurt’s personality is lovely here, and so is Blaine’s response to it. They have such a give and take relationship, one side never letting up for the other, and it’s such a relationship of equals. I approve of them so much, and this night only solidified that.
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